I tend to spread myself thin over a lot of activities which is why I refer to myself as "Jane of all trades, master of none". I am always eager to learn and try new mediums to express myself, but the common thread has always been my love for things done with care and made by hand... hence the name.

Most of my inspiration comes from my surroundings. I am fortunate to call the magical coastal redwoods of California home, and they seem to influence everything I create. 

If I'm not at my 'day job', which I'm lucky enough to actually like, I am probably home elbow-deep in an art project. My little pup Rudybega is always by my side, and I take more photos of him than is probably healthy. 

I am excited to start sharing more than just my usual personal journal, but also whatever I'm working on at any given moment. Hopefully in the near future I will have a real studio space to invite you to, but for now I'll settle for this virtual space and thank my husband (yet again) for being patient with the perpetual mess on our deck at home. 

<3, Heather