Oregon Trip: Ashland

I plan to cover each destination in its own post, and then wrap it all up with a video!  I thought it would be more fun to share the tid-bits in list form instead of a long, paragraph-form novel like I usually do. And if I'm being honest, I just really love using bulleted lists for things.

First stop: Ashland, OR

  • Sleep: we camped at Glenyan RV Park Campground - off a country road, quiet, and has clean bathrooms. What's not to love?
  • For dinner: Standing Stone Brewery - great beer, delish food. Most memorable: their homemade ketchup!  
  • Sights:  Before dinner we took a walk through Lithia Park which sits in the middle of town.  It reminded me of a miniature Central Park with a little duck pond, musicians playing on a big open lawn, and people laying together on picnic blankets, reading and relaxing.
  • Fun fact: this was the maiden voyage of my new backpacking tent - it was love at first sleep.
  • Fun fact #2: strange, aromatic, possibly homeless people like to hang out in Ashland... it felt a lot like Santa Cruz, except these people were very theatrical, acting out their own imaginary stories together in the streets.  Made for great entertainment while Brent and I sipped smoothies.
  • Fun fact #3: we were lucky to catch a bit of an all-female, fully improvised Shakespeare theater group called Chickspeare... greatly added to Ashland's creative, small-town charm.
  • My favorite part: At twilight, Brent and I discovered a little river running through the town and sat beside it, talking and watching the water run by.
  • Next time: I want to do a weekend getaway to the Ashland Springs Hotel - they have pet friendly rooms!
  • Overall: I really loved Ashland!  I like that the main little part of town is so cute and filled with plenty of life without feeling crowded.  Everything else around the main part of town was beautiful open countryside.  If only it didn't get so dang hot there...

Pitstop on the way to Bend, OR: Crater Lake

  • Strange fact: Brent was somehow unimpressed by the lake.
  • My favorite part: After we left on our way to Bend, I read every single word of the pamphlet the park ranger gave us at the entrance to the park in the car. There are so many fun facts about the history of the lake, how it was formed, and what's in there now.  I had NO idea it was formed from an erupted, collapsed volcano 7,700 years ago - amazing!