Life Lately, according to my iPhone

Scrolling through my phone pictures this morning I realized how incredibly behind I am on this little online journal of mine. Life has been such a whirlwind between getting back from Ireland, jumping back in to work (and finding an assistant!), preparing for the holidays, being sick twice, GETTING MARRIED, and taking weekend trips up to San Fran and to AZ for a friend's wedding. PHEW - seriously. It has been fun, but I definitely needed this weekend at home... I said no to every invitation and instead spent the rainy weekend at home in our little Christmas cottage.

I'll start with the overnight trip to San Francisco - my friend Loni and I had been planning to go to this craft fair for months, figuring it would be a great spot to get Christmas shopping done... and a perfect excuse to hang out with Jon and Leslie. The craft fair was great, but my favorite part of the trip was my first ever cable car riding experience - we hopped on just a short distance from Jon and Leslie's house and it dropped us right off in front of the restaurant for dinner! You can see the pure joy in my face in the picture below. We left for home Sunday morning after enjoying coffee and croissants while watching the sunrise over the bay. I always feel rejuvenated after visiting the bustling energy of the city, but I really love coming home to the quiet redwoods afterward.   

Brent and I made a quick weekend trip to Arizona for a high school friend's wedding. It was really fun to see everyone again and I had a great time dancing and laughed a lot. I forgot how much fun it is to hang out with all of Brent's friends that he's known since junior high... I'm really hoping we can make it an annual tradition to get together.  We visited Cheryl and Rob on Sunday and I'm super bummed I didn't take any pictures. We (of course) had matching nail polish on... never planned, but inevitable... even when we're apart, we're together in spirit.  

Most of the rest of my time has been spent either sick in bed or working on my usual Christmas projects. It has been cold and rainy here much of December, so everyone is bundled up... I have relinquished my treasured, softest fuzzy Restoration Hardware blanket to the animals, and they've nested right in to it. It's OK - we've got whiskey to keep the human folk warm around these parts. 

My wedding bouquet has just now finally died - it lasted a good two and a half weeks around the house and made me feel the warm and fuzzies every time I looked at it. Life as a married  couple has been pretty much the same as a non-married couple, and I wouldn't change a thing about it! Date nights have included a side-by-side working date at a craft beer bar downtown, watching the sunset on Westcliff, and seeing STAR WARS (go see it!!!). 

When it's not raining, I have been able to squeeze in a little time outside... watching the last signs of autumn get washed away and enjoying the winter sunrises that get timed perfectly on my drive to work.  Lately I feel like I can't stop saying out loud to Brent how wonderful life is with him... and wonder how I ever got so lucky...?