Weekend: Pictured/Not Pictured

Here's the breakdown, by pictured/not pictured... weekend posts will likely start to follow this format since I have found myself taking less and less photographs and just enjoying the moments. Can't decide yet whether or not I'll regret that in future, but I'm sure I'll find a happy medium.


  1. Kicking off the weekend with a sunset walk on West Cliff 
  2. Finished one book (The Suspect), on to the next (The Goldfinch), as always with a lap companion and a cozy blanket
  3. Cheese platter I made for an appetizer porch party up at the neighbors house
  4. The starting line at the She is Beautiful "The Pinkest" 10K run, and it certainly was!
  5. The run course had fun posters set alongside every 1/2 mile or so which I enjoyed, and I especially liked this one
  6. Brent enjoying a cold one out of the beerstein my parents gave him when we visited last weekend (he LOVES it)!

Not Pictured:

  1. My 2 favorite guys cheered me on from the sidelines of the 10K, where Rudy apparently FREAKED out after I ran by them and kept going - Brent said he was shrieking so loudly people started to stare
  2. Brunch at Kelly's French Bakery on the Westside after the run (good, but I ended up wishing we had just gone to Rocky's)
  3. I finally scheduled a hair appointment to cover my 3" dark roots, and enjoyed the complimentary trashy mags and white wine  ;)
  4. Brent and I sat outside the cottage on Sunday from late afternoon until the sun set, just breathing the fresh redwood air and having good conversation.  I love those moments we share, where the simplicity of the life we have built together pays off in time to be still and truly enjoy one another's company.
  5. We rented "Halo Nightfall" Sunday night and I only fell asleep for a few minutes! I blame the Boo-cuddles.