Life Lately: Pictured/Not Pictured

Summertime is crazy for me at work... apple season is our busiest season by FAR and work goes very suddenly from slow, quiet days where I can leave at 2pm every day for yoga to crazy, 12-13 hour days without stopping, and working most Saturdays.  I just keep focusing on October, when Brent and I will be on vacation in Ireland! And it is starting to feel real, especially since my passport just came in the mail! My stomach flipped with excitement... suddenly the whole world feels at my feet.


  1. Rudy looking smashing in his new tie-dyed bandana, which I made at our work party at this tie-dyeing place downtown.
  2. Brent brought home a couple pictures of his grandparents after his last trip back to AZ, and I love seeing the resemblance to Brent and the fabulous old clothing styles
  3. Boosky enjoying the great outdoors with us one Sunday morning
  4. Rudy hard at work. My coworker took this of him sleeping in my lap while we were in a meeting. Ruff life, man.
  5. Brent excavating some of the hillside next to our cottage - Steve (our landlord) is going to build a retaining wall there, so we will have some more space outside for a little garden seating area.
  6. Spending time nurturing my creative mind with this new book. I love finding inspiration from artists that have found their way in the world, doing what they love most!
  7. I put away my calligraphy tools and filled my art suitcase with new watercolor supplies - on to new and different things.
  8. One of my first paintings in watercolor, which Brent promptly took for himself and requested we frame - guess he thought it was a keeper!
  9. Brent spent a weekend away up in Northern California for a 12-hour mountain bike ride (such a masochist, that one). Everyone at home missed him, so we greeted him with a home-cooked meal and some Boo-cuddles. 

Not Pictured:

  1. Over Memorial Day weekend I attended a 2-day watercolor workshop in hopes to learn some of the basics. I left feeling really challenged and a little defeated in how difficult drawing and painting is, but ready to keep trying at home on my own. Sometimes I think I'm better at teaching myself these things, just figuring it out as I go along.
  2. We bought a couple more blueberry plants for our garden, hoping to get more of a harvest this year.
  3. The whole yard is really bursting with spring blooms and lush green leaves. My hydrangeas on the deck are really happy and blooming, and turned out to be a beautiful lavender color!  I'll have to do a whole garden update soon.
  4. Steve and Maggie's cat caught a baby bird that had fallen from its nest in the oak tree in the yard, so Brent and I put it in a box and kept it in the cottage overnight. It's little chirps were the sweetest sound! I turned it in to the Santa Cruz Native Animal Rescue place the next day. What a great organization! I will definitely be donating to them in future.