Weekend: Pictured/Not Pictured

It's not often Brent and I both have an entire weekend off together, so as soon as I saw the clear spot on our calendar we planned a weekend getaway. We met my Dad and Kim down at my family's cabin in Big Bear for the weekend, and despite the long drive there and back, we crammed a lot into the weekend and I came home feeling happy and refreshed!


  1. The drive down through the desert was a scenic one, with just enough rain and cloud cover for some rainbow sightings. The familiar, dusty smell of the rain in the desert will never get old.
  2. The little cabin - I don't think I've been there since I was a teenager, but it all looked and smelled exactly how I remember it!
  3. Little cabin details
  4. Brent sleeps like a flipping starfish, and I just wanted it documented for future guilt trips.  That sleeping bag on the left shows how much room I get to sleep in bed - really?!?!?
  5. Dad toast is the best.
  6. A gorgeous morning hike up to Castle Rock to get a view of Big Bear Lake
  7. Nerdy family portrait
  8. Dad in the kitchen, cooking breakfast
  9. Said breakfast
  10. I spend the entire week prior dreaming about this moment - reading (and napping) in the hammock
  11. Sunday morning Brent rode in a mountain bike race and WON the Cat 1 Single Speed division!  My hero ;)  *sigh*
  12. The long road home, filled with good conversation (of which is never scarce, with us)

Not pictured:

  1. The totally awesome thunderstorm we got to fall asleep to on Friday night when we arrived at the cabin
  2. Movie date to see Jurassic World at the Big Bear Village Theater. Even craning our necks to see in the front row, I enjoyed it!
  3. The amazing episode of the Joe Rogan podcast we listened to on the drive down.  I know, I know. I'm amazed I said those words, too.  But this episode with Neil Degrasse Tyson was great, and filled 2.5 hours of the drive. Here it is, if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8smtYxVrno 
  4. Walking to dinner at a little Italian place in the Village, and getting home just in time for the next thunderstorm to pass through
  5. I took TWO - count 'em - TWO glorious naps! 
  6. The impossible task of finding a place to get a pedicure on Sunday while Brent did his bike race... I drove around for an hour stopping at every salon that was either closed, out of business, booked, or wide open but the girl working that day "just does hair and stuff".  Major first world problems.
  7. Brent conceded and we had DEL TACO on the drive home!  It tasted just like I remember it did on childhood road trips I took with my mom and made me so, so very happy.