Life Lately, according to my iPhone

Work has literally taken over my life this summer so I'm not keeping up here as much as I would like. But it's OK... I have kept moderately sane mostly thanks to Brent's company, and by visiting the ocean regularly after work and reading good books before bed.  The past month was also filled with visitors, quick day trips, and some pretty sad news. However for the most part life is just as wonderful as always, so you'll hear no complaints from me!  Here are the candids from my iPhone as the evidence.

  1. Brent's dad and aunt visited us at the end of June, and we all went to Woodies on the Wharf, because, well, what else would the Woods do? 
  2. We also took the family for a drive up the coast to Davenport for our usual Roadhouse dinner, and I was so happy to see the Slowcoast trailer has a new home right next door!  I love this picture of Brent **butterflies**
  3. I had a reallllly great 4th of July with the Schipper gals if you can't tell from my face in this Polaroid snapshot. Cheryl was in town, and it was just a really flipping fun day with friends.  I, however, will not be drinking again until next 4th of July, ifyouknowhatimean.
  4. I was glad to see Jaceface for the weekend, too. He's tall and funny and like a full-blown toddler now. How is it possible time flies this quickly?
  5. I had an amazing dinner on the beach with Outstanding in the Field... that was definitely a once in a lifetime experience!  If they are ever in your area, it is definitely worth the money to have a culinary experience of that magnitude.  Highly recommend!
  6. We sadly had to say goodbye to our neighbors' dog GG, who had become like a member of our own family over the last 5 years. She visited our cottage daily, literally knocking at the door for dog treats and affection from her boyfriend Brent. I'll share more pictures of her soon... I went through all of my old archives and found some really classic GG shots that really deserve their own post.
  7. Rudy has gotten used to being in Downtown Santa Cruz every day for work, and he sits patiently outside waiting for me to get my morning coffee at Lulu Carpenter's on Fridays.  
  8. Boo sits in the cottage window, seeing me off to work most mornings. I flipping love that cat.
  9. Our garden is really happy right now, and we are enjoying the literal fruits of our labor!
  10. I have also been spending a lot of time in my new Adirondack chair out in the garden, reading books, with Boo always nearby, if not literally on top of me. 
  11. I made a new frittata recipe a couple of weeks ago... will post the recipe soon!
  12. I took a day trip up to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago to spend the day with Leslie, one of my favorite people on earth.  We went to brunch at the Cliff House and then to the Legion of Honor to wander the exhibits there, and just generally had a fabulous day in each other's company.  Must make that a more regular habit.
  13. A photo of my favorite dress from the High Style exhibit, a costume collection from The Brooklyn Museum.  All of the dresses were absolutely amazing, and my favorites looked like something Mary Crawley would wear on Downton Abbey.
  14. I made a quick trip to Arizona to attend a celebration of life for a family friend who passed away unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago. Although the weekend was incredibly sad, I was glad to see Cheryl, Rob, and Jace. A big thanks to them for picking me up from the airport and taking me to brunch!!
  15. Last weekend Brent and I took Rudy for a little hike through Lodato Park in Scotts Valley.  He is certainly the most happy little dog to be off leash and on an adventure.