Long time, no see

It has been a while; I have so much to share and so much for which to be grateful. But as of late, it has been difficult to move the clouds from my mind to focus on that which I know makes me such a lucky woman. Life lately has seemed like a series of time-lapse videos moving rapidly without sound, nothing but blurred images quickly passing by. It is of course beautiful, it always is. It's my lack of connection to it that poses the issue. It's hard to come here and make little curated photo albums when it doesn't feel true or relevant. I can feel an immense sadness building which I run from each day with longer work hours than are necessary, books, and scrolling mindlessly through everyone else's happy photo albums. If I stop to breathe it will catch up with me, I just know it.  

I'll dig myself out of it - I always do. It will probably be helpful to re-live the happier moments of this past summer by documenting our weekend getaways, settling into our home, and our first trip to Hawaii. Just need to wake up every morning and focus. Easier said than done for me, usually... but I'll do my best.