Weekend Getaway | Lake Tahoe

As is common with our little weekend getaways, our motivation to head up north to Lake Tahoe a couple of weeks ago was an 8-hour mountain bike race Brent had signed up for.  I only have to put in 1 day of work, prepping water bottles and food for Brent to grab as he rides by each loop, but get a whole weekend vacation in exchange! And we've got a pretty sweet set-up at the races; most people walk by and remark how comfy I look laying on the folding lounge cot under a big fluffy blanket, cuddling with the dog and taking a nap. It's not a bad gig.

I haven't been to Lake Tahoe since I was a little kid, and I'll be honest I hardly remember any of it. My only fragment of a memory is sitting in the passenger seat of my dad's truck, watching through the window as the lake whirred by. After doing some research to re-familiarize myself with the area, we booked a little pet-friendly Airbnb that was close to Brent's race and also walking distance to King's Beach and lots of great restaurants and shops. I should have planned a little bit better, though, because we had a hell of a time getting dinner on Saturday night, stopping in at 3 different places before finding a place with an open table.  We finally ended up at this Mexican restaurant and Brent was pretty delighted to see they were showing the UFC fights at the bar. And I don't mind drinking margaritas, so it was a win-win. 

Sunday morning I learned my lesson - when I took Rudy for his morning stroll along the lake, I called the breakfast joint around the corner to put our name in and had no wait. I'd highly recommend it - The Log Cabin Cafe was pretty darn cute and had delish food! I can just imagine how cozy it is in the winter :)

It was a quick there-and-back weekend, but refreshing nonetheless. I think this was the first trip we have taken together and come back to the new home; as I crossed the threshold I thought about how many more times we're going to travel and get to come back to our perfect little home and it made me so stinking happy!