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Life is crazy; I don't have much time to dedicate to this place right now, but I can at least share what's been keeping me company at work as of late - my new favorite podcasts! Enjoy :) xoxo

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My Favorite Murder

This comedy true crime podcast is my newest obsession, of proportions only matched by my 2015 Gilmore Guys era. I love listening to the witty banter between these two ladies with whom I share not only an affinity for the most gruesome of true crime stories, but also loud cats, vintage decor, and sarcasm. Oh, and they curse like sailors. I'm pretty sure we would be BFFs if we ever met in person.

Start with any episode. It's all golden.

Revisionist History

I've read and loved three of five of Malcolm Gladwell's books (Outliers, The Tipping Point, & David and Goliath). When I saw he was starting a podcast, I knew it would be love at first listen. Each episode revisits and explores a topic from the past that has been forgotten or misunderstood. Episode topics range from the Toyota sticky accelerator scandal of 2009 to Wilt Chamberlain's underhand free throw, and all are incredibly interesting to listen to. Highly recommend!

Start with episode 1 and listen through - there are only going to be 10 episodes, and all have been interesting so far.

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Magic Lessons 

I just discovered this one and it's filling the void Design Matters has left in me during their summer break. Hosted by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love, the show is comprised of interviews with every day individuals who have written in to her show seeking advice in accomplishing their creative goals. She interviews them, and then often interviews famous authors, photographers, etc. to get their input and advice for helping break through whatever is blocking them in their creative journey. It's a really positive, exciting podcast to listen to, especially since I can relate so much to the people she interviews. 

There Goes the Neighborhood 

I found this podcast through Radio Lab, and I usually love anything on Radio Lab... it did not disappoint. There Goes the Neighborhood examined the gentrification movement in Brooklyn, which I found particularly compelling mostly because of the interviews they did with a good variety of people personally affected by the changes. 

Albeit on a smaller scale, I'm sure parallels can be drawn in anyone's neighborhood to the changes illustrated by this program. I found it particularly interesting after I visited Oakland a couple of years ago and noticed the striking disparity between the city blocks as I walked through the neighborhoods. Definitely worth a listen to the whole series.


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