So long, 2016

I can't say I'm going to miss 2016... I'm actually happy to see its backside. I will take some happy memories made along with me, like buying our home, our family trip to Hawaii, and making really great friends at work.  Not to mention celebrating 10 years with Brent! You know something strange? I was recently chatting with my Aunt Leslie about our first dates when we were kids, and I suddenly realized that Brent was my very first date!  When we were 16, he took me to see Pearl Harbor at the AMC Mesa Grand theater on Stapley Drive.  I would like to say I'll never forget it, but I did for about 15 years!  But, I digress.

I want to promise I'll spend more time here in 2017, but that has honestly been my intention for the last two years and it hasn't turned out that great.  I am most definitely going to officially start my little side business this year; I've already got the paperwork started. I am hoping this summer I will be spending it neck-deep in projects in a new Tuff Shed, so I think I should have plenty to share.

And, I figure if I'm going to start a side business, I better get on Facebook to increase my reach. I am still NOT going to be active on a personal level with Facebook - I'm still really enjoying my freedom from it. But, I will have some posts to share and I have a fabulous marketing-minded friend who is willing to help me manage it. Here is the link, please like it while you're there if you don't mind ;)

A visit to Fall Creek on Christmas Day 2016