Life Lately, according to my iPhone

Gosh, there are a lot of photos in my phone and they're all over the place. Despite what may seem, life lately has been pretty mellow and Brent and I have gotten to spend a lot of quality time together after traveling apart so much over the summer and fall seasons. This time together is sort of a new trend for us, and I'm really enjoying it... he's pretty darn fun to be married to. The next few weeks I'll be busy with conferences for work and although I am excited for it, I am also looking forward to a quiet month in March. 

Here are a few random snapshots from my phone...

1. Traveling for work; I've got the long flights pretty well figured out by now with a cocktail and Downton Abbey on my iPad. And the long day/time changes aren't so bad when you can order room service in the middle of the night ;)

2. Brent signed us up for a race in November, and he of course won the whole darn 10K. I only did the 5K and was just glad for the free beer afterwards. Rudy did the 5K with me, and enjoyed his free doggy bone. 

3. Santa Cruz sunsets... *sigh* I try to make sure I catch at least one a week before I head home to the redwoods.

4. A snapshot of Brent on our 10 year anniversary. We had a quiet night at home, cheaped out on dinner (frozen pizza) and went big on a fancy bottle of champagne instead - priorities! We went through a little cigar box of our memories; I keep of every note he's ever written me, ticket stubs, corks, polaroids, etc. I'm going to need a new one soon because this one is full! 

5. A photo of me and a very stressed-out Rudybega at Beer Thirty, in front the first public showing of my art! They were having a very busy, successful event that night and Rudy wasn't too happy with the crowd and noise, but he was a good sport for me.

6. I spent New Years in San Francisco with my family, and was especially glad to have the time with my mom. Believe it or not I made it to midnight, but certainly not long after. 

7. It's not really New Years unless Leslie and I go overboard on cheese. This is some of the selection at my new favorite store in the city, Cheese Plus. Everyone in there is as excited about cheese as I am, and they let you try endless samples of the cheese, meats, and pâté. Basically, it's my own personal heaven. 

8. My Boobear hasn't been doing so well lately. He has lost a lot of weight and hasn't seemed like himself, but we've been giving him a lot of extra love and attention, forgiving him for some bad cat behavior, and trying to keep him as comfortable as possible. I'm hoping he'll hang around with us for a while longer, but I'm thankful for the many years I've had with him and just hope he'll have a peaceful end of life. 

9. Tubby and Rudy have been forming a little bond over sharing the bed my mom and Kathy got for Rudy when we were in AZ. It's pretty ridiculously cute and I'm hoping for some serious spooning soon.

10. Brent and I escaped the Santa Cruz rain a couple of weeks ago, and went on a date in Monterey at Alvarado Street Brewery. Beer is good of course, but the brussels sprouts are DIVINE. 

11. Just a quiet Sunday morning - I took myself and a good book to breakfast at Rocky's.

12. Well, we are officially out of our record drought up here after all of these big storms passed through. Thankfully our property held up well, and Rudy and I have been enjoying waterfall hunting on our walks through the neighborhood. It's a pretty magical place to live.