Ireland Trip | Counties Wicklow & Wexford

After our first night in Dublin, we made our way to County Wexford for our next stop. We were in no hurry and decided to take the scenic route through Wicklow Mountains National Park. The drive was the best possible introduction to the incredibly beautiful Irish countryside we would be exploring for the next week of our trip, and I quickly realized Ireland is magical. Taking in all of those views, my heart swelled with a familiar warmth as though I had found a new home on the other side of the world.

We arrived in Wexford early in the afternoon and spent the day exploring the quiet little village lined with shops and stately old churches. We later checked in at the Ferrycarrig Lodge B&B and immediately made friends with the resident cat, Chips. This little bed and breakfast is like something out of a storybook between the kitty, the apple trees bordering the garden, and the clean white linens hung outside to dry in the crisp breeze. It is only about a mile walk away from a larger hotel, and the proprietor recommended we walk over for drinks and appetizers at the restaurant overlooking River Slaney. On the walk there, we crossed over the ruins of Roche's Tower House and stopped to watch the sunset from the perched view. Again... magic.

The next morning after our full Irish breakfast, we visited Johnstown Castle which more than satisfied my desire to see old architecture and manicured gardens, complete with wild wandering peacocks and lacecap hydrangeas in bloom.  *sigh* 

We hopped back in our little red rental car to make our way to Dingle and found some fun along the way... I'll share more on that soon!