Oregon Road Trip - iPhone snaps

I am back from a week road-tripping around Oregon, and am reminded there is no better feeling than being excited to get home... that's how I know I live in my happy place.   

I loved Oregon - it is full of friendly people, has great food & craft beer, and has some of the most gorgeous green, lush views I have ever seen. I will admit - I wasn't the biggest fan of Portland (aside from having the most AMAZING Indian food EVER), but the rest of the trip didn't disappoint.  I don't think I went a day without seeing a river or waterfall or some beautiful vista of the like.  Specifically, the Columbia Gorge area absolutely blew me away - I have never seen anything quite so majestic as the view driving along the wide river expanse separating Oregon from Washington. 

I would go again in a heartbeat - there were so many little places that felt perfect to me. Between funky details like old hand-painted signs in small towns, antique silverware at brunch spots, the neighborhoods of historic homes, and a close connection with nature and outdoor living, I felt right at home.

Until I get around to editing my video and camera photos, my iPhone snapshots will have to do for now...