Snapshots of life lately

So far, this holiday season is off to a really great start...

I spent Thanksgiving in San Francisco with Jon and Leslie. It was the most perfectly gorgeous day, so Leslie and I got out to Crissy Field to let the dogs frolic on the beach.  Obviously, I had to stop Rudy for an impromptu photo shoot in his Silly Buddy bow tie with the Golden Gate in the background. Hello, Christmas card!

Brent planned our anniversary with an overnight date at the Davenport Roadhouse just like we did last year, except this year he got us the corner suite with an ocean view! I will never tire of falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves. The next day we went for a great (albeit damp) hike in Ano Nuevo State Park with a gorgeous view at the top. There was literally not another soul on the trail, so Rudy ran all the way up the trail off-leash and had the time of his life. 

The week after Thanksgiving meant it was time for our traditional Crest Ranch Christmas Tree Farm visit, this year complete with hot spiced apple cider and pumpkin bread.  Brent and I didn't get a tree, but we love to go with Cheryl and Rob, and we certainly were not going to miss Jace's first time there!  I also had the pleasure of taking the photos for the Johannes family Christmas card the next day on the Santa Cruz Wharf Pier - I cannot wait to get the finished product in the mail!  That little Jace-face is certainly photogenic.

The best news of all is that the Cremer House is finally open in Felton! Brent and I have already been twice.  We are SO happy to have a place like this in town, and will likely have to re-calculate our dine-out budget accordingly. I will also be adding to my workout schedule to counteract the increased beer and mashed potato intake.

Here are the snapshots! And yes, Brent - the following gallery of photos is 25% Rudy (since I know you're counting).