Life Lately, according to my iPhone

As several people have pointed out to me recently, I have neglected this little online journal of mine. Please accept this shameless cute photo of Rudybega in a field of daisies in exchange for my lack of communication.

The last few months have flown by in a blur of settling into our home, hosting one visitor after another, and taking little weekend trips together. 

See below for photographic evidence:

Not pictured: Dad & Kim have visited twice, but you'll see them working hard in the upcoming posts about what we've been doing around the house.  Cheryl visited as well, and I somehow managed to take NO photos. Luckily, she documented her trip here

  • Photos 1-2: a work conference in Pacific Grove gave me an excuse to pay a visit to Carmel and Point Lobos. Shame on me for only taking my iPhone to capture its magnificence!
  • 3: Leslie and I took an overnight trip to Sonoma and it was exactly the girls getaway we needed! Not pictured: we found a tequila bar in Guerneville that was basically my personal version of heaven. In addition to a million different types of tequila, they serve most amazing oaxacan cheese dip EVER.  
  • 4: Mom spent almost a whole week staying in our little guest house, and although I felt bad I couldn't get the time off work, I think she enjoyed herself relaxing in the redwoods :)
  • 5, 6, 7: Just little bits of life; a sunset view on West Cliff, running with Rudybega, and a cozy night at home
  • 8, 9: Our next visitor, Brent's sister Lauren. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have Lauren as my sister now - what a great bonus to marrying Brent!  We have grown incredibly close and I was so grateful to have a few days of quality time together. Seen here on National Strawberry Picking Day, at Swanton Berry Farm.
  • 10 - 13: Brent and I went camping near Big Basin Redwoods State Park, and hiked 15 miles down to the ocean. That gorgeous waterfall is Berry Creek Falls, which is about the half-way point and alone makes the hike worthwhile, not to mention the widely varied forest terrains we traversed.  
  • 14 - 16: A few more random snapshots; the view from our front porch looking up (we have the best neighbors!), a visit to Wilder Ranch, and a Wilder kitty.

Weekend in pictures

A long hike, a little home improvement, dining out, and playing ping pong while sipping beers at Beer Thirty... my favorite kind of weekend.

Dad and Kim drove up for their annual President's Day weekend visit, and I'm happy to say we jam-packed 2 days with some of our usual haunts and also explored some new places.

Friday night Cheryl, Rob, and Jace drove up so we could all enjoy dinner at the Cremer House together. Jace was of course the best little baby, just as happy as could be as we passed him around the table so everyone could hold and love on him. 

Saturday we spent pretty much the entire day hiking in Sam McDonald County Park in Pescadero. We covered a good 11 miles, and the trail did not disappoint - it started with a great view, greeted us at the halfway point with a couple of waterfalls, and left us good and tired at the end. Thankfully, I packed a sleeve of Thin Mints to get us through the last few miles. 

Sunday we kept activities to a minimum and just enjoyed the day around Felton and in the cottage. Dad is always so helpful, tinkering around the cottage fixing up little things here and there, and helped remove the old rug that was in the kitchen. It feels so happy, light, and clean in there now!  It's like having a brand new kitchen space - I am especially looking forward to cooking and sharing the recipe for Dad's amazing apple chicken...