Weekend in pictures

A long hike, a little home improvement, dining out, and playing ping pong while sipping beers at Beer Thirty... my favorite kind of weekend.

Dad and Kim drove up for their annual President's Day weekend visit, and I'm happy to say we jam-packed 2 days with some of our usual haunts and also explored some new places.

Friday night Cheryl, Rob, and Jace drove up so we could all enjoy dinner at the Cremer House together. Jace was of course the best little baby, just as happy as could be as we passed him around the table so everyone could hold and love on him. 

Saturday we spent pretty much the entire day hiking in Sam McDonald County Park in Pescadero. We covered a good 11 miles, and the trail did not disappoint - it started with a great view, greeted us at the halfway point with a couple of waterfalls, and left us good and tired at the end. Thankfully, I packed a sleeve of Thin Mints to get us through the last few miles. 

Sunday we kept activities to a minimum and just enjoyed the day around Felton and in the cottage. Dad is always so helpful, tinkering around the cottage fixing up little things here and there, and helped remove the old rug that was in the kitchen. It feels so happy, light, and clean in there now!  It's like having a brand new kitchen space - I am especially looking forward to cooking and sharing the recipe for Dad's amazing apple chicken...

Oregon Road Trip - iPhone snaps

I am back from a week road-tripping around Oregon, and am reminded there is no better feeling than being excited to get home... that's how I know I live in my happy place.   

I loved Oregon - it is full of friendly people, has great food & craft beer, and has some of the most gorgeous green, lush views I have ever seen. I will admit - I wasn't the biggest fan of Portland (aside from having the most AMAZING Indian food EVER), but the rest of the trip didn't disappoint.  I don't think I went a day without seeing a river or waterfall or some beautiful vista of the like.  Specifically, the Columbia Gorge area absolutely blew me away - I have never seen anything quite so majestic as the view driving along the wide river expanse separating Oregon from Washington. 

I would go again in a heartbeat - there were so many little places that felt perfect to me. Between funky details like old hand-painted signs in small towns, antique silverware at brunch spots, the neighborhoods of historic homes, and a close connection with nature and outdoor living, I felt right at home.

Until I get around to editing my video and camera photos, my iPhone snapshots will have to do for now...