Nostalgic Moment

It's a music related one again. Seems like I tie a lot of emotions and memories to music.

Anyway, this one popped into my head today... in my opinion, the best Ben Folds album ever created (they are all genius, really). Listening to this reminds me of when Cheryl and I worked in the drive thru at a credit union together (where we met!) and used to listen to this on repeat all day via my very first iPod, which I earned from getting people to apply for credit cards.  It was pink (seriously), and it was my most treasured possession! 

This album makes my heart swell.

Nostalgic moment

My nostalgic moment of the day: listening to Supertramp's Breakfast in America album. I always go a few years without listening to it, and when I do I'm reminded what a good freaking album it is... "Goodbye Stranger" on repeat!  Must find on vinyl. 

See also: U2's "Joshua Tree" album

P.S. Thanks to Brent for recently calling me nostalgic... it stuck with me. *winky face*