2012 | A Year in Review

I just arrived home from dropping Brent off at the airport after a whirlwind 5-day visit filled with a cyclocross race, beach frolicking, ringing in the New Year in San Fran, and visiting with friends in town from Arizona.  Since it seems 2013 is off to a great start, I thought it appropriate to go back through my posts from 2012 to reminisce and post some of my favorite snapshots before I start editing the pictures and putting together posts for the New Year! January I celebrated the 2012 New Year last year in San Francisco as well, but spent the rest of the month in a much more low-key fashion - cooking in my cottage, taking the dogs for walks, and keeping all of my vases filled with flowers.  There's really nothing like enjoying life in my little corner of redwood heaven!February February was filled with a fun visit with Brent and a quick jet down to Pacific Grove, a visit from my Dad & Kim, showing Cheryl and Rob around Santa Cruz, making some yummy treats for Love Day, and celebrating Rudybega Day.March Spring was in the air, and I took full advantage of its bounty by buying flowers, thrifting and sifting through the treasures of people's spring cleaning, getting out on the beach with my bestie (a newbie Santa Cruz-ian!), and visiting my favorite store in Ben Lomond to explore their refreshed seasonal inventory.April A little pet-sitting, some seasonal candy-making, beach time, cooking, Brent visits, and recapping a drive down the coast to Cambria kept me busy last April.May To kick off the summer I started (and in true Heather fashion never finished) a summer bucket list, did some more cooking in my cottage kitchen, visited Brent in Vegas, found a perfect lunch spot, and had my girlfriends over for a succulent frame planting party.June My mom made a trip out to Santa Cruz and together we enjoyed great food, wine, and forest exploration.  Cheryl and I went to the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History to see the "All You Need Is Love" exhibit, and I felt so touched and inspired by the experience.  I also spent every Saturday morning at the farmers market soaking up the sun and eating plenty of the delicious fresh summer fruits.  Oh, and I bought Boo a basket... or at least he thinks I bought it for him.July Cheryl hosted a pie baking party at her house, which was a total blast (and I hope an annual tradition... hint, hint)!  Cheryl and I made a visit to the Mission San Juan Bautista and did some antique shopping.  My weekends were filled with the annual Jam-B-Q, discovering beautiful Pescadero, hunting for seashells on the beach, playing with my new computer, and buying colorful summer flowers. My favorite weekend was with Brent - he arranged a romantic weekend in the Art Deco suite of the Boulder Dam Hotel when I visited him in Las Vegas.August A new friend at work introduced me to my new favorite spice blend and shared a delicious recipe, I celebrated my birthday (a little belated) on the Boardwalk with friends, made a trip up to San Fran for Outsidelands, became addicted to practicing calligraphy, and Brent and I ran the 10K Race through the Redwoods (don't forget about my new alias "H-Bomb McNasty").September I spent Labor Day weekend with Brent in Las Vegas, shared 50 things about us, hit a couple of my regular Santa Cruz spots - 99 Bottles and the River Cafe, and finally made a trip back to Arizona to visit friends and family, including a quick day trip up to Sedona. October This was the busiest month of the year for me - travel, travel, travel!  In addition to a long weekend conference in Anaheim for work, Brent and I took our first big vacation trip together to Washington, D.C. and New York City. Hardly a day goes by that I don't think about that big city - its atmosphere and culture has stayed present in my mind, and I love to envision we are back there in our little hotel room with all of the noise and delicious food smells.November I was so glad to spend this month staying in Santa Cruz, enjoying a visit from Brent, Winemaker Wednesdays in Capitola, cleaning my cottage, reliving some fun moments from our trip, and having a low-key Friendsgiving with Cheryl and Rob.December Another month spent in the comfort of my cottage, with a fun date on a deserted winter beach, decorating my cottage for the holidays, making and sending Christmas cards, and starting a new Christmas tree tradition with my best friends.  I made a quick trip down to Sierra Madre to see my family (and newly engaged Seester!), attend my Auntie Kris's wedding celebration, and made sure to stop for my favorite vanilla chai latte from Bean Town (twice!).  I had a quiet, rainy Christmas staying at Cheryl and Rob's with the dogs while they were visiting family in Arizona, baking myself cinnamon rolls, Skyp-ing with my mom on Christmas morning, and watching a marathon of (truth time!) Gossip Girl.  I know, I know... I'm pretty disappointed in myself, too.  All in all, I really could not have asked for a better ending to 2012!