Blogger's Block

I'm suffering from a horrible case of blogger's block.  Most of my free time has been spent cross-eyed and ink-covered trying to teach myself calligraphy while watching Martha Stewart re-runs on Hulu, then having a cup of tea and heading straight for bed.  Just what I needed - another obsession that keeps me hidden in my cottage all day and night like a crazy old cat lady.  Thankfully, Brent is here this week and his enthusiasm for life is catching, so I know I'll get back into the swing of things... I can already feel our 4am talk-and-laughter-fests rejuvenating my spirit. Finding inspiration helps, too...

I love Kate's writing over at Longest Acres Susan Branch (always) this makes me want to run to the art store for supplies Cheryl's 'birthday in Sonoma' posts this week make me want to head up north Plurabelle Calligraphy's work is so incredible... I can only hope to get there someday! This post is making me excited for our New York trip!  Only 13 more days until it's here!

Aaaaaaand, here's a totally unrelated pic of Rudybega (like you're surprised).