It's all in the name

I woke up this drizzly morning in a San Francisco apartment cuddled in bed together with my little mutt puppy and my best friend (and love).  We're in the city this weekend to visit some of my family and to go to a cycling event Brent has been pumped about for weeks.  As I look out the window I see a thick cloud cover moving in over the Bay and I think how glad I am that I picked up a little raincoat for Rudy yesterday, and how anxious I will be to get home to my warm cottage tonight in time for Steak Sunday dinner. This blog has been an itch in my mind that I haven't had much time or courage to scratch.  But, I can't think of a better time to finally get started than a quiet morning while Brent sleeps in and I sit in a little window nook overlooking the Bay, watching the light change as the sun rises.  I don't want to let another moment like this pass without documenting it for fear that I wouldn't recall it years from now.

I had the hardest time choosing a name... I spent too much time being self-critical of every idea I had and worried any name I choose would make me seem desperate or overly emotional.  I finally got back to my usual simplistic way and decided Found in the Central Coast would be just fine.  I will of course be filling this blog with places, people and things I've found here, but it's even more fitting to say I've found myself in the central coast.