Home, home at last

I arrived home last night from a week-long vacation on the east coast with Brent.  I've got about 1,000 pictures from our trip to go through and edit, so it might be a few days before I get any posted.  For now, I just want to note how good it feels to be home.  As wonderful as our visit to DC and NYC was, there really is no greater feeling than how much I love being back at home in my little cottage.  It's funny to think there was a time that I used to hate the feeling of vacation being over, dreading going home to the desert heat and endless strip malls in Arizona.  Now I feel so fortunate that coming home just feels like an extension of vacation, for I live in paradise here in the redwoods. After a week away, the change in atmosphere here is so evident I can definitely say autumn is upon us.  Our indian summer is keeping the temperatures up in the 80s without a cloud in sight, but leaves are starting to change and fall.  Although the redwoods retain their green glory year-round, there is an autumn breeze blowing through which showers our yard with their golden dead needle droppings.

I'm at home nursing a head cold I caught while we were away with lots of fluids and boiling pot of lentil soup, and I'm so grateful I had the foresight to take an additional day off before heading back to work.  I'm hoping my furry family will let me sleep through the night tonight now that I've spent the entire day at home showering them with constant affection.  Trying to sleep last night after a week away was a very different, torturous story.