Just checking in...

I would apologize again for letting so much time pass in between posts, but I fear my words will mean less since I clearly am not sorry enough to keep up.  I have a handful of post ideas and plenty of pictures to accompany them, it's simply a matter of time and choice that has me home at 8:30 each night after a workout, and in bed by 9 so I have time to read Game of Thrones. When to blog...? This morning I thought I would write a quick note while I wait for water to boil for coffee, before I slip on my stretchy pants for yoga class.  I'm trying out a new place in Scotts Valley that looks small and loveable... I'm hoping it becomes my home for Saturday mornings.

Life is just as wonderful as ever; I love my job, I love the cottage, and I love having Brent here every day to enjoy it with, even if he is semi-crippled at the moment.  Have I written since he broke his arm at Sea Otter two weeks ago?  I guess not.  I haven't minded doing house chores and the dishes all on my own, even when he leaves smelly remnants of his bean burritos in the sink, and I still love him even though he buys single-ply toilet paper (I guess that has nothing to do with his broken arm, but I felt it was worth mentioning).  I do love alone time but Brent makes me laugh more than I make myself laugh, so I appreciate having him around.

We are headed on a quick day trip up the coast today, stopping to explore Pescadero and to check out a brewery in Half Moon Bay... I must remember to mention to Brent that there is a seaside bowling alley all the way up in Pacifica that I always thought looked like fun.  I'll take pictures but I won't promise that they will be up here any time soon, since clearly my word means nothing anymore at this little Wordpress address.

Well, my tea kettle is whistling and I can hear Boo in the other room choking on what is soon to be a fresh pile of cat vomit for me to clean.  I don't have a picture of Rudy to post at the moment, but we did take this little gem of video footage last weekend in Henry Cowell.  Enjoy :)