Life Lately

I have not been very good about finding the balance between activities and taking time to blog about them.  What a fortunate problem to have :) But, here's a quick catch-up:

My neighbors hosted their 3rd Annual Jam-B-Q (BBQ with a live band), followed by a disco dance party in my cottage and sleeping on the bathroom floor... totally worth it!

I had a lovely birthday with lots of wonderful gifts from friends and family... I am very spoiled!  Plus, the sweet scent of garden roses on my desk at work made my birthday last all week.

My birthday celebration at the Boardwalk was a huge success!  Make sure to check Cheryl's post, as she took all of the pictures. This one is stolen from her blog... I love the log ride!

I also crossed #7 off of my summer bucket list with a weekend trip up to San Francisco for Outsidelands!  More on this later - it was a fantastic time!

Brent was here last week, so all felt right with the world.  We spent nights at home cooking dinner and playing records on our new turntable.  Sunday was the Race thru the Redwoods, which I surprisingly completed (albiet at a snail's pace and not looking nearly as cool and collected as Brent does in the pic below).  But I suppose the plus side is that my super-slow-mo time won't technically go on the books since Brent registered me for the race as "H-Bomb McNasty".  Hardee-har-har... step back ladies - he's all mine.

Rudy is just as adorable as ever - he spent the weekend with his Auntie Katy while I was up in San Francisco, and now I'm pretty sure I've been replaced.  He's madly in love with her!

Boo and Toby are busy breaking in the new blanket I brought home from Outsidelands, giving it the good ol' cat hair-covered initiation.

{yoo buy zees forr me, yes?}
I've been a bit MIA in the blogosphere, mostly thanks to the calligraphy set Cheryl gave me for my birthday... I have a serious addiction to pen nibs and ink dipping.  My nails are unkempt, fingertips and clothes covered in ink stains, and I'm pretty sure my eyes are starting to cross.