Life Lately

I'm sorry to say blogging has fallen to the end of my list lately, but it has been for a LOT of very wonderful reasons.  I have never been so happy to be so busy!  Here's a bit to get you caught up... Rocky's has become a bit of a favorite weekend tradition for me... I'll have to do a whole post to highlight this sweet little roadside cafe. photo-24

Gingers unite!  I dyed my hair red... something I've been thinking about doing for a long time.  Ginger is not in to my picture taking

She prefers giving slobbery It is starting to warm up around here, and flowers are beginning to bloom.  Now I'm getting anxious for the warm, magical summer season!photo-21I took a quick weekend trip down to Santa Barbara to meet my Seester for some fun wedding preparation errands.IMG_7641 I have been busy with some lettering and calligraphy projects as well - this was the setting while I addressed my sister's save-the-dates :)  I think I could sit and do calligraphy while watching period pieces forever.IMG_7691 Last weekend Brent and I enjoyed a seriously beautiful morning at the cottage together.  Living in the redwoods will never get old.IMG_7700Toby has been, well, interesting lately.  I can't decide if he's extremely stupid or extremely evil, but last weekend he decided to leave a little "treat" on the bathroom floor in front of the shower.  I stepped in it, and once I realized what was jammed between my toes was in fact poop, I couldn't find the source since it was perfectly camouflaged on the brown bathroom rug.  A massive manhunt for the source of the mysterious toe-squished poop ensued with no results and just as I was about to give up, I stepped in the turd AGAIN.  Toby seemed pleased with himself for the rest of the day. IMG_7716

Rudy on the other hand, has been just as sweet as ever and has not left any strategically or otherwise placed poops in the cottage.IMG_5390

I bought myself a new toy last weekend so I'm no longer on that evil single speed when Brent and I go riding together.  This bike called out to me at REI, with her sparkly sage-green frame, 29-inch wheels and GEARS!  Oh gawd, the sound of her gears clicking is music to my relieved thighs.  I smile on the uphills now, especially when I see Brent up ahead struggling, pumping away on that single-speed monster.  I took her out twice last weekend and got her nice and dirty.  I even rode right smack-dab through a giant, steaming pile of dog crap. Which, by the way, happened literally 30 minutes after the camouflaged Toby turd incident.  Seriously, I can't make this sh*t up.  Poop pun for the win!IMG_5563

It would seem I have been bitten by that darn cycling bug, although I'm not ashamed to admit that a lot of what I like about riding is the guilt-free beer I enjoy afterward. IMG_5536

Things at work just keep getting more and more wonderful.  I feel like I am learning so much and developing my creative mind and eye, which is such a pleasurable way to spend my days.  Last week we got our beautiful letterpress business cards in from Alissa Bell Press.  Cheryl and I also had the pleasure of visiting her studio and meeting Alissa... more on that to come later :)IMG_5552

Much of the reason why I have been busy is because I have been spending so much time practicing hand lettering and calligraphy after work.  I have too many ideas constantly swirling in my brain... and a new dream and vision for my future and career path.  I have some exciting projects coming down the pipe!  More details to come on that later, too.


Through it all coffee has been my life's blood, keeping me buzzing and happy.  Here's hoping it continues to get me through the next few months - I have a lot planned!IMG_5509