Mendocino Bike Sprite Weekend

Thankfully Brent didn't choose a career path in sales, because initially he didn't do a very good job of selling me on a weekend trip to Mendocino with the Mendocino Bike Sprite.  Once he explained the details... staying in an old farmhouse, tour groups for beginner level riders, and meals included, I was all for it!  I was still a little nervous since I imagined I would be one of only a few women in a large group of experienced male riders, but much to my surprise and joy, the group was mostly women... and what a fun, fabulous, and helpful group of ladies they were!  I'll share more photos from our weekend once I get them all edited, but I really just wanted to dedicate a quick post to say what a freaking wonderful time I had!  I learned so much, I pushed myself physically, and I got out of my comfort zone on SO many levels. I'm working on keeping that stick out of my butt all the time... baby steps!  A big THANK YOU to this group for a fabulous weekend, and hopefully many more weekend rides together to come!IMG_8314