New Year's Eve

For the first time in our 6 years together, Brent and I were finally both off work and able to be together on New Year's Eve.  To top it off, this was the first year Brent was able to join me in San Francisco to celebrate with some of my favorite family members, Jon and Leslie.  I've been telling him for years how fabulous it is to ring in the new year at their house in the city, complete with great company, delicious wine, and fondue for dinner.  Needless to say, I was very excited to finally get to share the experience with him.  It wasn't quite the same without my mom and Kathy who were unable to make it this year, but it was still a really great time!

I always take pictures of the dining room before and after, because I think it's the most obvious indication of the fun had around that table:

I was also on cloud 9 from cute overload between Butkis and the 2 kitty-cats:

As always, a big thank-you to Jon and Leslie for having us in their warm, welcoming home to kick off the New Year in such a fabulous fashion!  Love you so much :)