Quiet Weekend

Tonight I am tucked in to my warm bed in a freshly cleaned cottage, enjoying a hot cup of bedtime tea after quiet weekend at home.  Brent has been away all week at a friend's wedding and I have missed him terribly.  I didn't realize how hard it would be to say goodbye this time after having lived together for just a month, but it definitely sucked.  This cottage no longer feels like my home... it's now our home and it doesn't feel quite the same without him here.  And as much as I enjoy my alone time and a calm weekend at home, I still spent most of the weekend wishing he was here. In between cleaning, painting the front of the cottage, and running errands, I squeezed in some calligraphy practice and finished a couple of small projects.  I'm surprisingly happy with how they turned out... it seems my inner critic took the weekend off. photo-19 photo-18 photo-17

The animals didn't seem to mind the plan (or lack there of) this weekend, but Toby still managed to seem overwhelmed by what little activity was taking place. photo-20