Summer Bucket List

I love that I love summer now... a time I used to dread in Arizona is now my favorite time of year! Being here during the summer reminds me of that indescribable excitement that hung in the air in the last couple weeks of school as a kid. There is just something magical about summer time, and I am so thankful to have that feeling back again! This summer is going to be doubly special because it is the first official, full summer Brent and I will be in California together.


Here is my 2013 summer bucket list (some uncompleted tasks from 2012 carried over):

  1. Host outdoor movie nights at our cottage - Build a fire, pop some popcorn, and set up the big screen. I would love to make this a bi-monthly event until it's too cold to host it anymore. Brent already called Jurassic Park as the first movie, so now we just need to pick a kick-off weekend.
  2. Explore up the coast - I imagine it only gets prettier as you drive up...
  3. Go camping in Big Basin and/or Big Sur - yes please.
  4. Hike the Skyline-to-the-Sea trail
  5. Bring back Sunday beach bonfires
  6. Birthday on the Boardwalk - again! 
  7. Take a dance class with Brent
  8. Go wine tasting in Carmel
  9. Master a new song on my ukulele 
  10. Read at least the first two books of the Game of Thrones series - I already have a good chunk done of the first, so this shouldn't be difficult.
  11. Send fun summer gift packages to my pen pals
  12. Bike camping... this was obviously Brent's choice when I said I needed one more thing for my list.  We'll see.

Happy Summer! :)