Weekend in pictures

This last weekend was a busy one... It was a Brent weekend :)

We spent Friday night down in Monterey - I had a dinner for a work function at Montrio Bistro, which was delicious... especially the molten chocolate cake and pinot noir for dessert.

We stayed out a bit late after dinner on Friday night to celebrate my boss's birthday in a cottage by the beach in Pacific Grove.  Naturally, I fell asleep on the couch in the living room amongst the chaos of the boisterous party guests and a live bluegrass band before the party was even close to over.  Brent got me back to the hotel, tucked into bed, and before I knew it I was up at the crack of dawn as usual.  I should have gotten more sleep, but I jumped on the opportunity to watch the sun rise over the neighboring Pacific and swing by a local coffee shop on the way back to the room to make sure everyone had their morning elixir.  Everyone loves a coffee fairy on a Saturday morning!

Once everyone was up and moving, Brent got going to his mountain bike race...

... and Olive, Craig, and I went to scout out a breakfast joint in Pacific Grove, which I think might be the most charming little town I've ever been to.

True to my usual form, I totally overate at breakfast... "Sir, does that option with a (2) next to it mean I can get 2 breakfast sandwiches...?"  Yes please.

I swung by Michaels on the way home and managed to stay under $20.  I bought a frame and finally filled one of the empty walls in my little kitchen... only one more empty wall to go.

After we got home on Saturday afternoon I went straight to bed and slept for 16 GLORIOUS hours.  We spent Superbowl Sunday at Olive and Craig's house, which is always a warm and welcoming atmosphere filled with lots of good food... Olive has the hostess gene for sure!

And as always, a pic of Rudy: