Outsidelands 2012 via my iPhone

My track record of concerts I have attended is pretty sad: N*SYNC when I was a teenager, Bob Seger when I was in college, and Melissa Etheridge last year on my birthday.  Since I am a little behind the concert curve, I added "attend an outdoor music festival" to my summer bucket list.  Check - Outsidelands 2012!  Two of my favorite people on earth, Jon and Leslie (aunt and uncle), live in San Francisco and attend every year.  Since I now only live a little over an hour from the city, I realized this year I can finally tag along for the fun!  And for the record, the word "fun" is a serious understatement for the experience I had.  My feet were sore from all of the walking, but most notably sore were my stomach muscles from what seemed like 3 days straight of pure laughter and fried food consumption.  The music lineup didn't suck, either... ...HELLO - I saw Stevie Wonder live and in person!!!

Outsidelands_Stevie Wonder
Outsidelands_Stevie Wonder

Beck was a total blast, too...

Some of that fried food...

The whole set up in Golden Gate Park was really fun - like a whole other world!

Cold at Neil Young and Crazy Horse... thank goodness I bought that Outsidelands blanket!!

...did I mention the fried food?  Oh, and a note for the single ladies: men apparently LOVE a chick that can balance two beers in plastic cups in one hand so the other hand can be reserved for a plate of fried food.  I seriously think I could have scored a husband on the walk from the food carts to the concert stage, but only if I was in to the whole "grungy, drunk, skinny jeans, and flannel shirt" thing.  Which I'm not, for the record.

I drew the line at chocolate covered bacon... just kidding!  I totally ate that, too.

I had so much fun, I didn't even mind the crowd of 65,000 people... I never thought I would be able to say that.  I'm that girl that gets totally uptight and leaves a house party that gets a little too crowded.  I credit it to the fact that all of the people there, albeit very excited, were also pretty courteous and calm.

Each night, it felt SO fabulous to get back to the house, climb into a cozy bed, and sleep with the most calm, cool, and collected kitty of all time: Minxy.  He kept my Rudy withdrawals at bay... he's such a stud muffin.

A big THANK YOU to Jon and Leslie for a fabulously fun weekend! I can't wait for Outsidelands 2013!!