Mission San Juan Bautista

It's on my summer bucket list to visit as many of the California Missions as possible and I'm a bit behind, but I did get to the Mission San Juan Bautista a few weeks ago with Cheryl. The Mission San Juan Bautista, translated: Saint John the Baptist (not that I have ANY clue who that is) was founded in 1797.  It's definitely the oldest landmark I've ever been to, so  the history of the place was just so amazing to me.  Although, Brent quickly squelched my lovely vision of its history by telling me the Native Americans were enslaved and forced to build the mission, forced to farm the lands, and forced to worship there.  Clearly I aced history class.

Bummer moment aside, we went to San Juan Bautista for the day.  We started with a really fabulous lunch at La Casa Rosa... check Cheryl's blog post for the details.

We visited a few antique shops (of course), then moved on to the mission.

The building and grounds are really beautiful in an imperfect, primitive way...

Especially the gardens with the wild chickens!

I think my favorite parts of the mission were the doors and windows...

The little details like the rustic floorboards and old books on display really made me feel connected to the history of the mission and the people who once lived and worshiped there.

This visit wet my appetite to visit few more of the missions in this area!

Weekend in Pictures

1. Beach treasures 2. Mission San Juan Bautista 3. Bitsy, a sweet pug that lives in an antique shop in San Juan Bautista 4. My new (old) rocking chair from Aggie's Porch 5. Lunch with Cheryl at La Casa Rosa... she'll be posting all of the details soon! 6, 7, & 8. The perfect lazy Sunday at home with the furry family