Summer 2012 Bucket List

Last summer, my first summer in California, I worked waaaay too much and didn't enjoy the gorgeous weather and laid back atmosphere of Santa Cruz nearly enough.  This year I plan to correct that... especially since my bestie Cheryl lives here now! 1. Birthday at the Boardwalk - I'm turning 27, but I'd like to spend it more like I'm turning 7. Sub-category bucket list for the Boardwalk: - Eat cotton candy - Ride the Giant Dipper at least 5 times - Laser Tag - Beat Brent at Skeeball - Lunch on the beach - Get soaked on the log ride - Avoid getting a sun burn

2. Read at least 6 books - I've got to put a dent in the collection I have piling up at home.

3. Try a new recipe once every week (and add to my recipe scrapbook)

4. Go camping in Big Sur - the more friends that join, the better!

5. Take a road trip - I'd like to explore the northern coast of California

6. Go wine tasting - It's really a crime that I haven't done this yet

7. Attend a concert - I already have this one planned... Outsidelands 2012!  :)

8. Visit the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History - I'd love to see the All You Need Is Love exhibit

9. Visit the Land of Medicine Buddha - particularly to learn the art of meditation

10. Master at least 1 song on my ukulele - playing and singing at the same time... this really hurts my head.

11. Host an outdoor party at my cottage - already planned a succulent frame planting party!

12. Create a new chocolate candy recipe

13. Visit all of the nearby California missions

14. Go out dancing

15. Paint a picture