Weekend in Pictures

1. Beach treasures 2. Mission San Juan Bautista 3. Bitsy, a sweet pug that lives in an antique shop in San Juan Bautista 4. My new (old) rocking chair from Aggie's Porch 5. Lunch with Cheryl at La Casa Rosa... she'll be posting all of the details soon! 6, 7, & 8. The perfect lazy Sunday at home with the furry family


Introducing the last (but not least) member of my furry family: Boobear's better half, my fat buddha boy... Toby!  I adopted Toby, gosh, 7 years ago?!?  Time flies... he was a teeny  kitten that needed a home and Boobear needed a friend, so it was a perfect fit.  He's the *slightly* less demanding of my two cats, so sometimes I think he gets a bit lost in the mix.  But I certainly love his sweet & loving personality, his super-soft bunny fur, and the spot on his back that makes his tongue stick out when you scratch it.

He's a talker.  It's more of a shout, really.

His big Buddha belly makes a great pillow... just ask his brother.

He's not ashamed to kick back, relax, and let it all hang out.

I call him my bathroom troll because he pretty much lives in my laundry basket in the bathroom, and shouts at me when I turn on the light and disturb his slumber.

It's amazing that a kitty so sweet can make such atrocious cat box deposits.