The Jane Hotel NYC

When we started planning for our trip to NYC everyone recommended we stay in the West Village area, since it's a nice neighborhood with a lot to do/see within walking distance.  After an extensive search on the internet, I listed the Jane Hotel along with 4 other options in an email to Brent, and being the fantastic and smart boyfriend he is, he quickly replied (probably without even looking at the options): "Which one do you actually want?".  He really is the best. The Jane Hotel was exactly as I imagined it would be... so charming in all of its historic splendor!  My camera was buried in my backpack when we arrived, so I only snapped pictures of the lobby with my phone.  The bellhops were all dressed in appropriate vintage attire, and the front desk was just perfect, with the little mailbox dividers for each room.  It was like a time travel dream!

The decor was all so lush and ornate; even the walls were upholstered!

Our room was small, but it really felt like home (living in 300 square feet for 2 years will do that to you).  I was imagining we were living in a small flat in the West Village, even though in real life we still probably couldn't afford even that small of a space in the city.  A little unrealistic play-pretend-time never hurt anybody, I suppose.

I am now on a personal mission to find a bed and headboard like this one.

The personal touch of storing old books in the nightstands added to the home-y feel of the room.

I have never, in my entire life, wished harder for a magical Marry Poppins carpet bag than in the moment when I saw this armoire...

I didn't waste any time... I was soaking in this fabulous tub on the first night.

No detail went missing... they even had letterpressed coasters and a complimentary bottle of wine waiting for us.

Adjacent to the hotel lobby there was a little French cafe open all day that served delicious food & wine, and played old vinyl records over their sound system.

I made it a point to stop in for wine and cheese a few times...

...while Brent was doing this.