My DIY Christmas Cards

I had a lot of fun crossing #4 off of my Christmas bucket list, making my DIY Christmas cards to send to friends and family.  Normally I'd just go buy a cute set of letterpress cards, but this year I decided to create something a little more personal.  I simply added a vectored file of one of my Christmas doodles to a picture we took at the Christmas tree farm...

 ...printed the pictures and added a red card stock backing so I could handwrite messages...

and finished with white ink calligraphy to address each envelope.

My favorite part was definitely the little Rudy postage stamp affixed to each envelope!I hope everyone enjoyed receiving the cards in the mail.  I have received a few Christmas cards and I must say, they really do bring me joy!


Washington, DC - Part 2: Lincoln Memorial

This was my 2nd favorite spot in DC.  It felt surreal to be at the Lincoln Memorial since I have seen so many pictures of it, and never expected to see it in person.  The architecture was absolutely gorgeous.

His view definitely doesn't suck... I'd stare at it forever, too.

The best part?  There was a little bookshop!  Brent discovered it first and said, "You didn't miss anything. It was just a bunch of cheesy souvenirs and coloring books."  Um hi, have we really been together for 6 years?  I made a beeline for it. I ended up with a stack of postcards and a little book of poems written by Lincoln.  I thought this part of one of the poems from the book was very fitting and a bit haunting...


Washington, DC - Part 1

I've gone through most of the photos from our trip, so I'll be posting a little bit as a time instead of overwhelming one post with a ton of pictures.  The first leg of our trip was spent in Washington, DC - neither Brent nor I had ever been so I was very happy to experience it for the first time together!

We stayed with one of Brent's friends on our first night there, so I got to explore a residential area of DC while Brent was sleeping the next morning.  I loved all of the old houses and enjoyed the patriotism that was ever-present throughout the neighborhood.

I stumbled upon my first memorial while wandering around the neighborhood -  the African American Civil War Memorial.
After Brent woke up we took our first subway ride (ever!) together to our hotel.  We stayed at the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel, which is within walking distance of the National Mall... we wasted no time and walked right down to explore.
What a sellout... ;)
We stopped for a little people watching and post card writing.
What a perfect day it was... not too warm, not too cold, and not a cloud in the sky.  In the next few days I'll post more photos of each memorial!