Back to the Desert

I suppose it was time to pay a visit back to Arizona... the only time I've gone back since I moved away 2 years ago was for my mom's 50th birthday, and I literally flew in for the night and left 18 hours later.  Brent had a medical conference in Phoenix last week so it was a good motivator to get me on a plane to meet him there.  He ended up being tied up at the conference for most of the time while we were there, so I got to spend a lot of quality time with friends and family that I hadn't seen in a looong time. Thursday I visited my Grandma and Grandpa for lunch in their beautiful home in Sun Lakes and afterward stopped for some frozen yogurt.  They certainly know their granddaughter :).  It brought back fond memories of when Grandpa used to take me for frozen yogurt at our local Smitty's grocery store after I'd gotten a good report card.

Thursday night I was delighted to have dinner with my best friend from high school, Krystal, and her really adorable 3 year old son, Oliver.  Krystal and I met our junior year of high school on a biology field trip to Catalina Island, and we were immediately inseparable.  We were having such a great time together that people started asking us how long we'd been friends and we happily replied "2 hours".  We were just that perfect for one another!  Sometimes I struggle with how much I miss her, and even more knowing I'm missing witnessing Oliver growing up.  But, I appreciate the long letters we write to one another and the pictures of little Ollie she sends with her letters.

Oliver has certainly grown up a lot since I left... and he puts on a great show to LMFAO with his play-doh microphone!

I couldn't believe how much her little pup, Josie, looks just like a girl Rudy!  I am still having daydreams of dressing them up and having a little doggy wedding.

I look forward to seeing them again; hopefully it won't be another 2 years from now.

Friday was spent on a quick day trip up to Sedona with Mom and Kathy...

The rest of the weekend was fun - I had a great time with my old neighbors, I was of course glad to spend time with Brent, see some old friends, and visit with Brent's family.

image via Courtney, Brent's youngest sister :)

While I was really glad to see everyone, I was also really happy to come home Sunday afternoon.  It's funny how a place that is so familiar to me no longer feels like home.  I suppose it never really felt like the right fit for me when I lived there.  I really do love the little bubble of paradise I live in up here in the Santa Cruz mountains, and I feel more certain than ever that I made the right move.

Weekend in pictures

I have been MIA for a whole week!  I definitely needed a week or so of reclusion, and I had a fantastic weekend to put me right back into the swing of things. Friday marked the end of Cheryl's first week at the office - I'm so happy to be working with her again.  We celebrated with cocktail hour at Paradise Beach Grille down in the Capitola Village, which has a great patio area right on the water.

Saturday morning was an early one - and we made it to the farmer market in time to have 1st pick of the beautiful flowers.

My neighbor Maggie and I grabbed some chai teas and drove up to Boulder Creek to peruse the little shops and flea market... I found a couple cute tops at a vintage shop - all for under $10!

I took a quick catnap and then headed out for dinner with some fun ladies in Downtown Santa Cruz.  I had the cosmojito, the lovechild of a cosmopolitan and a mojito and it was quite refreshing!

I had a lazy Sunday morning filled with a little coffee and a lot of Boo cuddles... he sinks into my lap like a pad of butter on a warm biscuit.  I like to joke that he's the sandman kitty - he always induces a pleasant nap.

I spent Sunday afternoon at a beach in Aptos with Rudy and the Johannes clan.  I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than laying on the beach with Rudy and reading a good book.  I'm thinking this should be the plan every Sunday.