Cottage Living | Window Flower Boxes

The best part of my dad & Kim's visit last weekend was the belated Christmas gift they brought up for me.  Dad, besides being an expert rock skipper, is also a craftsman that builds beautiful furniture and other home and garden accessories.  For my Christmas gift this year, he built me the most adorable window boxes for my cottage!     My windows out front are pretty large so I needed quite a few potted plants, flowers, and herbs to fill the boxes.  But, it gave us the perfect opportunity to make a trip to our favorite store for some nursery shopping! 

These beautiful flower boxes could not have come at a better time... I needed a dose of cutesy cottage decorating since "my" cottage is now "our" cottage and is completely filled with boy stuff.  

Thank goodness for Kim's green thumb and guidance... hopefully I can keep these plants healthy, which would be a refreshing change from the garden massacre of 2012.  Literally nothing made it out alive.

Between the new deck, the green patio furniture, and the new window boxes - it looks so cute out front!  I can't wait for the mornings to warm up a bit so we can have breakfast and coffee outside on the weekends.

Succulent Party

I'm crossing #11 off my summer bucket list because I hosted my first party at my little cottage!  I had some girlfriends over for a succulent planting party and it was a huge success. A special thanks to my Dad for building us the frame planters - they turned out much better than anything we could have bought at a store.

I went to work on the invitations (I found the succulent stamps on this Etsy shop)

...and also made succulent care instruction cards for everyone to take home with their planted frames.

I had so much fun preparing for the day!  I made my enchiladas and (of course) set up a margarita station.

I set up a table on the patio and we enjoyed Mexican food fare.

After a few good margaritas we finally decided to plant our frames.  I set up a big work station so we could all work together.

It turned out great - I really love it.

Find the how-to instructions for a DIY succulent frame on Cheryl's blog... she took plenty of pictures!

Thanks for coming, girls... I had SO much fun!  I hope this is just the beginning of our project parties!! :)