Sigh of relief.

I'm breathing a long sigh of relief now that I'm home after a long weekend at a work conference in Anaheim.  I'm also happy to say I have NO plans to travel ANYWHERE for at least a month.  Thank goodness.  I'd really love to enjoy a few weekends at home.  Brent gets here tomorrow too, so I couldn't be happier! I'm slowly working on the leftover pictures from our trip, so I'll get to posting the pictures from NYC soon.  Looking now at the pictures of the city after Hurricane Sandy hit is really heartbreaking.  It is difficult to believe it is the same place we just left; it was so sunny and gorgeous, never revealing even a hint of the devastation to follow.  I was glad to get in contact with all of the vendors I work with on the east coast and find out their homes and families are all safe and sound. I know not all were this fortunate, so I'm sending a lot of love and positive thoughts to all of the residents of New York and surrounding areas.