Found: Aptos Farmers Market

I love spending Saturday mornings at the farmers market in Aptos.  There's just something about getting up early, feeling the crisp air, and sampling fruit fresh from the farm that puts me in the right mind for the weekend - to really relax and enjoy myself without being a total bum.  There is a definite pattern I follow - Saturdays up early at the farmers market makes for a more productive, fun-filled weekend, whereas those Saturday mornings spent watching a movie and eating a heavy breakfast usually leave me in bed all day.  This is definitely the way to go... All of the fresh, beautiful food motivates me to cook and try new recipes incorporating more fruits and veggies.

My favorite store has even set up a booth recently, where they bring in lots of fabulous merchandise and host monthly seminars on things like beekeeping, making your own cheese, and caring for your own chickens.

I usually spend most of my cash on fresh flowers to fill my cottage...

Alright, alright... I'll admit it - the real reason I go is to eat this massive loaded baked potato for breakfast.  My thighs are crying, but my mouth is so happy!

I finally got a farmers market basket to make shopping easier than with a shoulder strap tote bag - I really love it!  I even shop with it at the grocery store now, too.

By the way, this picture was taken 0.01 seconds after I brought it home... surprise, surprise.