Boo Bear

Boo Bear was the first cat I adopted on my own as an adult.  He's proof positive that I cannot be trusted to visit any sort of animal shelter without bringing someone home.  I think it was about 8 years ago that I was out the pound with my mom because she was looking to adopt a dog, and I heard a sad wail distinct from all of the rest.  I looked to my left, and there was a sad, eye-and-nose-infected cat with his long arm reaching out of the cage towards me.  Instant tears... I knew I wasn't leaving there without him. I have no shame in my crazy cat lady love for this fur ball - he's my soulmate kitty.

He's like velcro to my side, always ready to curl up next to me and induce a good nap. He lets me dress him up - he knows he looks good in anything...

He loves the holidays...

He lives a very active lifestyle...

He's very affectionate...

He's just Boo.

Please, please adopt a full grown cat if you can.  They need a warm and loving home just as much little kittens.  I think adult cats bond to their owners even more so than adopted kittens. I swear Boo knows I rescued him - just look at that face!


Life lately, according to my iPhone

It's been a while since I've posted, so this ought to cover the last 3 or 4 weeks... sorry for the excessive scrolling! Brent and I met in Sierra Madre for a weekend back in March - it's a good halfway point between Santa Cruz and Las Vegas, and he had a cycling stage race in San Dimas.  We of course hit all of our favorite spots... Taco Lita, the pub for a cold one and cottage pie, Bean Town for chai lattes, and Dad and Kim's cozy cottage living room complete with a warm fire.Mom and Kathy happened to be camping down in Dana Point that same weekend, so we drove down to spend the afternoon on the beach with them... Brent and I were both very happy to see Parkerboy.  Don't they look studly together? :)

Dad picked some avocados for us to take home...

...and I enjoyed smelling Kim's freshly blooming sweet peas.  I always say Dad and Kim's house in Sierra Madre is the only place I go where I don't spend the whole time wishing I was back in my cottage.  It's truly a home away from home.

Back at the homestead things are just about the same.  Lots of farmers market goodies...

...cuddles with the furry family (+ my sister's dog Chanel - isn't her teeny little face so cute?!).

When Brent was in town, we had a great date night downtown..

...with wine and cheese, of course.


The weather has been gorgeous as usual.

Boo is just as cuddly as ever... my little velcro-kitty

We had an enchilada party at Steve and Maggie's casa with my favorite Johannes-es (and plenty of tequila)

Last weekend I took a drive down Highway 1 to spend the weekend in Cambria with the family... the view will never cease to amaze me.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a little tea wisdom...




Weekend in pictures

I have been MIA for a whole week!  I definitely needed a week or so of reclusion, and I had a fantastic weekend to put me right back into the swing of things. Friday marked the end of Cheryl's first week at the office - I'm so happy to be working with her again.  We celebrated with cocktail hour at Paradise Beach Grille down in the Capitola Village, which has a great patio area right on the water.

Saturday morning was an early one - and we made it to the farmer market in time to have 1st pick of the beautiful flowers.

My neighbor Maggie and I grabbed some chai teas and drove up to Boulder Creek to peruse the little shops and flea market... I found a couple cute tops at a vintage shop - all for under $10!

I took a quick catnap and then headed out for dinner with some fun ladies in Downtown Santa Cruz.  I had the cosmojito, the lovechild of a cosmopolitan and a mojito and it was quite refreshing!

I had a lazy Sunday morning filled with a little coffee and a lot of Boo cuddles... he sinks into my lap like a pad of butter on a warm biscuit.  I like to joke that he's the sandman kitty - he always induces a pleasant nap.

I spent Sunday afternoon at a beach in Aptos with Rudy and the Johannes clan.  I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than laying on the beach with Rudy and reading a good book.  I'm thinking this should be the plan every Sunday.

Weekend in pictures

Had a nice, quiet weekend to myself... Took myself out on a solo date Friday night at my favorite little place in downtown Santa Cruz, Soif Wine Bar

I had the venison in a port wine reduction and it was delicious!

Ukulele practice on Saturday morning with the Tiki King

Monk marathon, with Rudy cuddles... MAN his breath stinks.

Cottage cleaning

Scooby sighting

Boo time

My little bathroom troll escaped and took up residence on my pillows

Sheperd's Pie for Sunday dinner - 1st attempt and complete success!

Got the stink off the dog

He's not a huge fan of bath time, but he sure does love his towel

Pictures via my iPhone - most are taken through Instagram