Found: Tarpy's Roadhouse

Picking Cheryl and Rob up from the Monterey airport a few weeks ago gave us a great excuse to swing by my favorite lunch spot just down the street... Tarpy's Roadhouse.  It's in an old building just off the Monterey Salinas Highway named after an Irish immigrant that settled in the area back in 1851, Matt Tarpy.  It's history is only part of the charm... check out the beautiful patio!

Oh yea, about the food.  Let's just say they know how to plate a great meal.  That's a burger under the giant pile of delicious goodies...

Found: The Farm Bakery Cafe

My friend Olive introduced me to The Farm Bakery Cafe in Aptos - a perfect little lunch spot filled with fresh soups, sandwiches, baked goods, and a gift shop packed with all sorts of goodies. The general atmosphere is a clean, sunny building filled with tables in colorful tablecloths and fresh flowers.

I always order the club:

My favorite part is (of course) all of the treasures in the gift shop.

Love this little place!