Introducing the last (but not least) member of my furry family: Boobear's better half, my fat buddha boy... Toby!  I adopted Toby, gosh, 7 years ago?!?  Time flies... he was a teeny  kitten that needed a home and Boobear needed a friend, so it was a perfect fit.  He's the *slightly* less demanding of my two cats, so sometimes I think he gets a bit lost in the mix.  But I certainly love his sweet & loving personality, his super-soft bunny fur, and the spot on his back that makes his tongue stick out when you scratch it.

He's a talker.  It's more of a shout, really.

His big Buddha belly makes a great pillow... just ask his brother.

He's not ashamed to kick back, relax, and let it all hang out.

I call him my bathroom troll because he pretty much lives in my laundry basket in the bathroom, and shouts at me when I turn on the light and disturb his slumber.

It's amazing that a kitty so sweet can make such atrocious cat box deposits.