Weekend in pictures

Yeesh - I don't like to see 2 'weekend in pictures' posts in a row... but it's hard to get any time on my computer during the week while Brent is here.  I'll be much more dilligent this week and post some in-betweeners. This weekend my best friend Cheryl and her husband Rob were in town looking for places to rent in the area since they will be moving here in just a few short weeks!  Brent was also still here, but everyone left me on Sunday morning. (The rest of that sentence should be ...and I spent the rest of the day having a pity party that consisted of eating everything in sight and watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)

*ahem*, moving right along... a champagne toast to Cheryl and Rob (thanks Olive!)


We checked out Rosie McCann's for dinner downtown - they have an excellent shepherd's pie (note to self - must find a good recipe to try at home)

We had baked oatmeal and coffee for breakfast

Shocker: Cheryl and I painted our nails matching colors

Brent and I met for brunch on Sunday at Cafe San Jose after his road race in Fremont

...and the animals did what they do best.