Weekend Snapshots

After the last few weekends on the move and a couple of crazy weeks at work, I was overdue for a relaxing, no-plan sort of weekend.  It ended up being a perfect balance of relaxing with wonderful company, great food, a good book, and lots of sunshine! I can't think of a better way to kick off the weekend than Friday night pizza and beer.

Cheryl and Rob invited Rudy and I over for dinner Saturday night - her veggie lasagna was delicious!

...as was the dessert.

Sunday morning I enjoyed some coffee from The Abbey and went into work for a couple hours.

The best part of the whole weekend was staying at the beach until the sun went down.  Rob built a fire in the sand and Cheryl and I sat reading our books and chatting for hours.

Rudy is such a great little beach dog - just quietly hung out with us all day, enjoying watching other dogs, chasing his ball, and sleeping on my towel.  He made sure to get his share of cuddles with everyone, too.

The sunset was gorgeous...

I strayed from my usual Steak Sunday dinner and thought I would rather do a "Snacking Sunday" with a nice glass of Windy Oaks Pinot Noir - my favorite wine from the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Just another one of those surreal times that I have to pinch myself to remember that I really do live here in this paradise!